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Replace your old carpet, add new titles or fix sections.


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Installing new flooring in a house can greatly improve the look, value, and functionality of the space. As a service provider, you might offer a range of flooring options for your clients to choose from, including materials like hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, and vinyl. Here are some general steps that might be involved in your flooring installation service:

  1. Discuss needs, preferences, and budget for the flooring project. Choose the right type of flooring for the space and take measurements to determine the amount of material needed.

  2. Prepare the installation area: Remove any old flooring, furniture, and other obstacles from the room. Repair any damage to the subfloor and make sure it is clean and level.

  3. Install underlayment or padding: Depending on the type of flooring being installed, you may need to lay down a layer of underlayment or padding to provide a smooth, stable surface for the new flooring.

  4. Install the flooring: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate tools to install the flooring according to the chosen method (e.g., floating, glued, nailed). Make sure the flooring is level and properly aligned.

  5. Finish the installation: Install any trim or molding, as needed, and clean up any debris.

  6. Test and inspect the flooring: Test the flooring to make sure it is properly installed and functioning as intended. Inspect the finished floor to ensure it meets the client's expectations and all quality standards.

Your flooring installation service might also include options for refinishing or repairing existing flooring, as well as maintenance and cleaning services to help clients maintain their new floors.

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306 W Main St, American Fork, Utah 84003


Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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